About that new stadium in Detroit…

Two years ago Detroit got approval to spend over $283 million of taxpayer money on a new arena for the Red Wings just six days after the city filed for bankruptcy even though the Red Wings’ owner is Mike Illitch the founder of the Little Caesar’s pizza chain who’s worth an estimated $5.1 billion.

And if you think that it’s OK because it will put the money back in the economy…

A major review of almost 20 years of studies showed economists could find “no substantial evidence of increased jobs, incomes or tax revenues”

A brief survey of safety videos

Pretty much all of these are gory. If you don’t like gory videos my suggestions are:

  • Don’t watch the videos in this post
  • Don’t get a job where you’ll need to watch videos like this
  • You should probably just turn off your computer and walk away

Now, for the types of safety videos:


Hilarious and German:

(For the impatient, the good stuff starts around 1:30 and the really good stuff starts around 3:15)

Creepy as Hell:

Thanks to Duane for some of the links