LiveJournal, Russia, and Reddit

Friends and Blasphemers is a pretty great episode from the podcast Reply All. They dive into what happened to LiveJournal when it got popular in Russia.

One of the interesting parts was a breakdown of how much Russian trolls got paid to disrupt LJ:

PJ: Emails actually leaked out later that had the rates that these guys were getting paid to troll Alexey and his friends. It would be 85 rubles for a comment, and then a bonus: 200 rubles if you could trick somebody into arguing with you.

That part reminded me of some stats on /r/The_Donald:

It turns out that the biggest growth in subscribers happened roughly 3 days after Donald Jr.’s Russian meeting.

Anyway, the point is that I’m going to see if I can import all my old LiveJournal posts here to make it even cringier.


Enter title here

I am going to try this new ‘blog thing. Again. With 1 percentage point more Crud.

Why? Partly because I was going through the archives of that other blog thinking “this isn’t as cringy as I expected.” Partly because email newsletters have peaked and I’m trying to get ahead of the next curve. But mostly because somewhere around 2004 Scott Wainstock said that blogging would die out by now and this is going to be a spite blog to prove him wrong.

No introductions should be really necessary at this point. This is the second post on the blog; if you’re reading it either you know me and what to expect from me, or you’re cyber-stalking me from the future and know what to expect from me.