I’m convinced Apple is acutely aware that only nerds called Mac OS X “Mac OS Ten” and only nerds call the iPhone X “iPhone Ten.”

The fact that I didn’t have to write “iPhone Ex” and you knew what I meant proves my point.

I’m further convinced that they did the market research and found that the vast majority of consumers don’t care, but the nerds get a smug sense of superiority by calling it “Ten” and correcting people.

Giving them a pedantic toehold to correct people is win-win. Well, a win for Apple, a win for pedants, and a loss for anyone who ever hears the sentence “Actually it’s pronounced ‘ten.'”

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  1. Does “Saturn V” fit in a similar category?


    1. I dunno, I can’t hear “Saturn Vee” in my head when I read that. I’m gonna stick to Eminem’s descriptivist argument of “I am whatever you say I am”

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