On the value of nofollow

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Last weekend I was completely offline. Comcast decided to disconnect my cable line instead of my neighbors, and thanks to Memorial Day weekend I got to wait extra long to get my cable restored. I wasn’t online, my only TV was from the TiVo, and all my GameFly games were in transit. In order to keep my mind distracted and prevent any quiet self reflection I was forced to read a book, like a common caveman!

During that time I got over 60 comment or trackback spams on my blog. I deleted them as soon as I got online, but the good news is that thanks to nofollow I knew I could let the blog get a little ugly for a little while without providing aid or comfort or PageRank™ to the enemy. If nothing else, nofollow lets me relax a little bit during unexpected downtime.

[Aside: While reading my, ugh, book I realized how addicted I’ve become to the ability in Mac OS X 10.4 to be able to instantly pull up a word’s definition in most applications simply by pressing Cmd-Ctrl-D. Who knew that books had such big words in them?]

4 Replies to “On the value of nofollow”

  1. I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Comcast myself. I want to eat their children.


  2. Which book were you reading?
    Green Eggs & Ham, or Hop On Pop? =)


  3. Catch-22 which, as my friend Scott pointed out, certainly has a lot of names. A lot.


  4. Just think George, some people pay extra to have weekends away from the net without Comcast, you got it for free!


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