Uh, you’re welcome?

I just got an email from GameFly:

Thank you for being such a great subscriber.
You are now eligible for our new 3-game plan.

I’m on a 2-game plan so this sounded good (especially considering the 10-14 day turnaround) until I noticed that the new 3-game plan comes with a 3-game price too. Maybe I’ll get an email from McDonalds telling me that I’m such a good customer I’ve earned the privilege to upgrade my meals to Super Size too.

Is GameFly’s business model to only accept money from their gr-r-r-r-reat subscribers? “We can no longer offer you the 2-game plan, only the 1-game plan. You keep renting Aquaman so we think you need to save every penny for your model glue huffing habit.”

I heard that there’s another Netflix-for-games service that has a distribution center in Detroit, anyone know who it is?

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