E3 So Far

So here’s a list of E3 news that has peaked my interest, in no particular order:

This is just stuff that caught my eye so far. What did I miss?

[Update: I just noticed that everything on the list besides Geist is a sequel or a license in some form or another. This is partly because familiar stuff caught my eye when going through the list, but there’s certainly no shortage of sequels.]

4 Replies to “E3 So Far”

  1. so many games so little money. that PSP metal gear is a must have


  2. No mention of the new zelda sans cel-shading?


  3. That is a fairly glaring omission, the trailer looks awesome. Personally, I liked the cel-shading of the Wind Waker and was amazed at how emotive they were able to make Link. Hopefully they’ll carry that over in the new one.


  4. How about Advance Wars and Fire Emblem for the Gamecube (both sequels, naturally)?


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