Fix Fark Link Bookmarklet

I’ve had a problem with Fark links for a while that include arguments (i.e. news?tmpl=story&cid=1516&ncid=1516&e=2&u=/afp/20031014/od_afp/ japan_prize_offbeat_us_031014145540 ). The problem occurs in Safari and Mozilla, not sure about IE but I suspect not.
If you’re having the same problem so I created a simple bookmarklet to fix it. Drag Fix Fark Link up to you bookmarks bar and click it when you visit a broken Fark link. Read on if you want to know more about the problem.

The problem is caused because Fark encodes the ? and & in URLs it links to so that it can be passed to a script. The script does accounting for them, telling you how many Farkers clicked a link, which is especially important for stories from which Fark gets paid to post. The script then spits out a redirect, which includes the URL of the story so that your browser will go to the story.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t decode the ? and & in the URLs and so Safari and Mozilla try to go to a url like with encoded elements (i.e. news%3ftmpl=story%26cid=1516%26ncid=1516%26e=2%26u=/afp/ 20031014/od_afp/japan_prize_offbeat_us_031014145540 ). The bookmarklet simply turns the encoded elements into decoded elements. I’ve tested it in Safari and Mozilla for OS X.

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