TA as in Thomas Alva

The Octodog Frankfurter Converter
(via Bri) is making my feel very uncomfortable in a Freudian way. This, uh, device is another Michigan original, straight out of Livonia. How can that be appetizing? Do kids really shy away from lips and assholes hot dogs, whereas they flock to all things octopus?
If that’s not enough Michigan invention for you then check out a new condom (via MeFi) created here in sweet home Ann Arbor. What’s wrong with this state? Also, when dealing with contraceptive devices, consider not referring to it as "baby."

3 Replies to “TA as in Thomas Alva”

  1. The Octodog is almost the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.


  2. Tony, you obviously haven’t seen tubgirl.com. Nor should you.
    So what’s up Tony? How are things going for you and your brother?


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